Things To Consider When Buying Dog Treats

It’s no secret that dogs like treats – usually as many as they can get their paws on. With that being the case, you want give him the types that will be healthy and he’ll still like. Here are some things to consider when buying dog treats:

The size of the treat that you give your dog should correlate with his size. In other words, don’t give your chihuahua a bone intended for a mastiff because it would be too much to handle.

Consider what you’re giving your dog the treats for. If they are for training, consider small treats that are really tasty. These are great because you will be using them over and over again. If you are looking to improve your dog’s dental health, there are several dental chews on the market to help with that purpose.

Decide what the texture of the bone you will give. Soft treats are great for dogs that may have sensitive teeth. Actual bones are bad for dogs because they have the potential to break your dog’s teeth or shatter on their own.

Remember to think about the contents of the treat you’re giving your dog. While some treats offer good vitamins and minerals, other treats like pig ears taste good to dogs but are fatty and not all that nutritious.