Treats Your Horses Will Love

Although making homemade horse treats may not be practical all the time, it is nice to treat your horse to something special once in a while. Here are some suggestions to think about during your next trip to the supermarket:

• Oats and Rice/Wheat Bran- These items have a naturally sweet taste that your horse will find irresistible.
• Apples-Cut the apples in quarters to make chewing easier
• Carrots-Cut the carrots into two inch chunks
• You can add a touch of molasses to give the treat a desirable rich taste and aroma. Like us, our equine friends respond to aroma! The molasses will allow you to coat the apples and carrots with the oats and bran.
• Sugar cubes, hay cubes, raisins and pitted dates are also favorites

When making homemade treats, keep in mind that although some recipes may call for peanuts or peanut butter, experts suggest not feeding peanuts to horses as they have difficulty digesting them. Treats that are close to a horse’s natural foods are the healthiest.

If you get in the habit of “treating” your horse too often, the treat becomes their expectation. Use caution not to “over-treat” your horse.