Spring Cleaning Barn Maintenance Tips

  • Clean stalls right down to the floor and allow them to dry thoroughly on a bright breezy day. Let as much sunlight in as possible - it's a great disinfectant.
  • Stalls with dirt floors may need to have the top layer removed and new soil brought in.
  • Clear out accumulated feed bags and baler twine, give windows a cleaning, sweep down dust and chaff.
  • When sweeping out aisles, put the dust and manure in a wheel barrow or muck bucket, don't sweep it out the door. Built up manure, chaff and dust hold more moisture than just plain dirt.
  • Sweep out the hay loft. If the chaff is too dusty for horses to eat, put it on your garden. It makes great mulch.
  • Clean-up run-in shelters too. Remove any manure, bedding, or spilled feed and consider replacing soil if it has become too saturated.