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  • Perfect Prep™ EQ Calming Kit

    The Perfect Prep EQ Calming System includes three formulas designed to work together to create a calm horse or pony daily and before performance.

  • Purina Horse Treats Carrot and Oat-Flavored

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Show your love with Carrot & Oat-Flavored Horse Treats. Your horses will love the size, shape and flavor of these yummy treats, and you’ll love their reaction!  Purina® Horse treats are a perfect nutritional complement to any horse feed, so you can feel good about rewarding (or just spoiling) all your equine children.

  • Purina Berry Good Senior Horse Treats

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Show your love with Berry Good® Senior Horse Treats. Your horses will love the size, shape and flavor of these yummy treats, and you’ll love their reaction. Purina Horse treats are a perfect nutritional complement to any horse feed, so you can feel good about rewarding (or just spoiling) all your equine children.Berry Good® Horse Treats are designed to address the needs of senior horses but are appropriate for all of your adult horses.

  • Regal Downs Fine Horse Bedding (40lbs.)

    Natural Premium Horse Bedding.

  • America's Choice Bedding Pellets

    Highly compressed pellets expand to absorb more than conventional bedding.

  • Conklin Company Fastrack®

    SKU: 030970160633 Manufacturer: Conklin Company

    The unique combination of natural, live lactic acid-producing bacteria, FOS, yeast, enzymes, vitamins and specialized proteins in the Fastrack® products helps to ensure a healthy digestive tract; enhancing the immune system and defending against pathogenic agents in the digestive tract.

  • Peak Performance Nutrients Blitz! Paste Original Formula

    SKU: 819743002130 Manufacturer: Peak Performance Nutrients

    Blitz! incorporates the latest research and field trials into the ultimate pre-event vitamin/mineral product for performance horses. Blitz! provides a supplementary source of all the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that: have roles in the maintenance of normal muscle function, are involved in red blood cell formation, and have a role in recovery after strenuous exercise.

  • Peak Performance Nutrients Perfect Balance Electrolite

    SKU: 819743001812 Manufacturer: Peak Performance Nutrients

    Perfect Balance Electrolite provides a highly concentrated level of ingredients that have a role in maintaining normal electrolyte balance body tissues during heavy exercise and also have a role in recovery after strenuous exercise.

  • Finish Line JC's X-Tie Up™

    SKU: 715401180304 Manufacturer: Finish Line

    JC’s X-Tie Up™ helps promote healthy muscle function in the horse. Contains a proprietary blend of vitamins that help muscles utilize energy more efficiently. Comprised of all natural ingredients and has absolutely no side effects.

  • Intervet Panacur® Horse Dewormer

    SKU: 021784471121 Manufacturer: Intervet

    Intervet Panacur® paste is apple cinnamon flavored and is indicated for the control of large strongyles, encysted early 3rd stage, late 3rd stage and 4th stage cyathostome larvae, small strongyles, pinworms, ascarids and arterites caused by 4th stage larvae of Strongylus vulgaris in horses.

  • Horseman's Pride Jolly Tug Horse Toy

    SKU: 055062 UPC: 788169141436 Manufacturer: Horsemen's Pride Inc. Model: JT14 GR

    14 inches. Constructed with an inflatable jolly ball inside of a tough, machine washable cordura-nylon cover. Has 2 handles so that multiple horses can play together, and so you can play tug with your horse.

  • Zoetis Strongid C 2X

    SKU: 087219011676 Manufacturer: Pfizer

    Keeping parasite levels under control helps your horse perform at his best. Parasites steal nutrition, energy and good health from your horse. Left unchecked, parasites can cause damage to vital organs, impair growth and performance, and may cause colic. A daily dose of STRONGID® C or C 2X helps break the cycle of parasite infection with the power of prevention and control. The STRONGID C or C 2X result: Your horse is ready to perform.

  • Blue Seal & Semican Whole Grain Oats

    Oats are also commonly used as feed for horses when extra carbohydrates, and the subsequent boost in energy, are required. The oat hull must be crushed ("rolled" or "crimped") for the horse to digest the grain, and may be given alone or as part of a blended food pellet. Cattle are also fed oats, either whole, or ground into a coarse flour using a roller mill, burr mill, or hammer mill.

  • Vetericyn Gel

    Manufacturer: Vetericyn

    Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care is intended for the OTC management of skin abrasions, lacerations, minor irritations, cuts and intact skin. Safe for use on all animal species.

  • Straw Bales

    Straw may be fed as part of the roughage component of the diet to cattle or horses that are on a near maintenance level of energy requirement. It has a low digestible energy and nutrient content.

  • Hay Bales

    Hay or grass is the foundation of the diet for all grazing animals and can provide as much as 100% of the fodder required for an animal.

  • Semican 1/2 Alfalfa 1/2 Timothy Hay Cubes

    Manufacturer: Semican

    Semican has set the standard for horse oats and supporting product in the northeast with their cereal breeding program and their state of the art cleaning process for grains.

  • Intervet Panacur® Powerpac Horse Dewormer

    SKU: 021784471572 Manufacturer: Intervet

    PANACUR® POWERPAC has a high degree of efficacy against all stages of encysted (hypobiotic) small strongyles. Only approved method of larvicidal treatment for encysted EL3’s and L3/L4’s. 98% effective in killing hypobiotic encysted EL3’s. 96% effective against L3/L4’s.

  • Bimedia Equimax Horse Dewormer

    Manufacturer: Bimeda

    EQUIMAX® is the only combination ivermectin/praziquantel dewormer safe for ALL horses, including foals four weeks of age and older, pregnant and lactating mares, and breeding stallions.

  • Purina Layer Pellets & Crumbles

    Manufacturer: Purina

    This SunFresh® Recipe diet takes “natural” to a whole new level by using only the freshest, highest quality sun-grown grains and plant proteins to give birds the wholesome, healthy goodness and fresh taste they deserve.

  • Blue Seal Vintage Racer Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Blue Seal

    Vintage Racer® is a high-energy blend of cracked corn and pressure-cooked fiber nuggets containing beet pulp, rice bran, and soy hulls covered in molasses and vegetable oil for performance horses. The low-dust/highfiber content makes Vintage Racer® an ideal grain and partial hay replacement ration for horses with respiratory problems.

  • Blue Seal Sentinel Life Time Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Blue Seal

    Sentinel™ Life Time Formula — A nutrient release formula horse feed formulated specifically for active junior, adult and senior horses specifically where joint health is a potential concern. A high fat, high fiber complete feed fortified with essential nutrients plus Glucosamine HCl and Chondroitin Sulfate provides superior nutrition to meet the physiological and metabolic needs of active horses for a lifetime of health and performance.

  • Blue Seal Carb-Guard Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Blue Seal

    Carb-Guard is a nutritionally balanced, low protein, high fat pellet feed.

  • Blue Seal Mane Menu Pellets Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Blue Seal

    Fixed formula recipe. Naturally wholesome ingredients, vitamin and mineral fortified.