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  • Reflective Quality Halter Black Average

    SKU: 441195 UPC: 013227567089 Manufacturer: Hamilton Halters Model: 1Q RF AVBK

    Triple thick cheek and chin nylon straps for unparalleled quality. Quilted stitching for durable construction. Rolled throat for comfort. High break resistance hardware. Reflective for safety. Solid brass hardware.

  • Ivermectin Paste

    SKU: 698454 UPC: 745801110335 Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care Model: 001-1034

    Equine 1. 87% oral ivermectin and boticide paste dewormer. Treats threadworms and large mouth stomach worms.

  • Equimax Paste Dewormer

    SKU: 528584 UPC: 087219064054 Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care Model: 01-1EQU022

    Fda-approved, all-in-one dewormer that combines ivermectin and praziquantel.

  • Zimecterin Gold Equine Dewormer

    SKU: 274180 UPC: 350604600114 Manufacturer: Merial | Boehringer Ingelheim Model: 6001120

    The gold standard in parasite control. Approved to eliminate more species and stages of equine parasites.

  • Jolly Mega Ball Blue/ 30in.

    SKU: 55041 UPC: 788169004304 Manufacturer: Horsemen's Pride Inc. Model: 430

    Heavy duty mega jolly ball with anti-burst design.