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  • Coal

    We have coal available! Stop in or Call for more information! 

  • Soft Wood Pellets

    Manufacturer: American Wood Fibers

    American Wood Fibers' Premium Wood Pellet Fuel is a blend of quality hardwood fibers compressed into pellets which meet the highest industry standards. By combining our wood fiber experience and the latest in process technology we provide pellets that burn longer and burn stronger. Don't depend on foreign sources of energy when you can choose an American company to provide you better value, service, and quality.

  • Top Bedding Fine Wood Shavings

    Manufacturer: Top Bedding

    This type of Top-Bedding wood shavings is mainly used for cows and pigs. It is valued for its high level of absorption and its very low humidity rate. Naturally, this product contains more fine particles and sawdust than the medium and large types. However, more and more buyers are choosing this type of shavings for their horses.

  • Kinco Yellow Chore Glove

    14 oz. yellow chore glove. Knit wrist. Straight thumb.

  • Morton® Table Salt

    Manufacturer: Morton Salt

    A staple in kitchens everywhere, Morton® Table Salt is the go-to-salt for all your cooking and baking needs. The uniformly shaped crystals make table salt the best choice for baking, where precise measurements are critical. Morton® Table Salt can also be helpful outside of the kitchen. From removing stains to eliminating odors, Morton® Table Salt is an affordable and simple solution.

  • Dry Creek Wood Pellets

    Manufacturer: Dry Creek Wood Pellets

    Dry Creek Premium wood pellets are specially formulated to optimize stove performance.

  • Peanuts in Shell

    Low sodium. Low cholesterol. Egg free. Dairy free. High protein. Sugar free.

  • Morton Salt System Saver Pellets

    Manufacturer: Morton Salt

    Morton® System Saver® Pellets patented formula keeps water softeners running cleaner and longer. System Saver® will remove substantially more iron from resin beads during the regeneration cycle than other pellets on the market, extending the capacity and life of your water softener.

  • Dry Creek Wood Pellets

    Manufacturer: Health Extension Natural & Holistic Pet Food

    40 lbs. 100% pure wood fiber. Burns clean. premium grade. Energy efficient. Low ash (less than 1%).