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  • Turf Builder® Lawn Fertilizer with 2% Iron

    Manufacturer: SharkBite | Cash Acme

    Feeds and thickens to crowd out weeds. Kid and pet friendly.
    Feeds and strengthens against heat and drought. Water Smart® improves lawn's ability to absorb water & nutrients.

  • Potting Mix

    SKU: 299237 UPC: 032247627832 Manufacturer: MiracleGro Model: 76278300

    Feeds for up to 3 months. Blend of rich organic ingredients with miracle-gro continuous release plant food. Convenient and easy, contains all the necessary ingredients that container plants need to thrive and flourish.

  • Tomato Plant Food

    SKU: 995800 UPC: 073561000420 Manufacturer: MiracleGro Model: 2000421

    Contains the essential nutrients to produce bigger vegetables. Starts to work instantly for quick, great results. Feeds plants through the roots and leaves.